The Purpose 

Other Heath wants to educate, publicize, and advocate methods of effective and unconventional health remedies. The articles written on Other Health are by its readers, we’re a community of people who are seeking cures and treatments by sharing true health-related knowledge and experiences.

Other Health would like to hear what has not worked as well. Sharing experiences of aggravations to pre-existing conditions is also welcomed.

Other Health also encourages articles on incite into the medical research and medical industry worlds. Searching for these updates can be time-consuming or to jargon-filled to provide value to patients.

The Problem and Drive

In 2016, the United States Federal medical research budget is 3 billion dollars out of  3 trillion dollars. Medical research is the solution to health related problems. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they’ll be increasing that budget anytime soon. The more research conducted the more treatments can reach fruition and become adopted by the medical community, practitioners of all kind and patients.

Having researchers study common methods of remedies where the Other Health community backs may help them guide them in research topics.

The How to Help

We want you, as a member of the Other Health community and more importantly, somebody who can share experience and knowledge, to spread anecdotal stories that can benefit viewers and researchers. Quantifying these stories can help people in similar situations with alleviation.